Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So I know I've been quite slack posts in a couple of weeks! I've got several posts to do but it's been crazy around here (and I haven't taken the time to download all the pics from my camera).
Yes, I'll be uploading pics of my house! Soon!!
Yes, I'll upload pics of Colton's 2nd birthday! Soon!! (I'll even include the ones of the local fire department coming to our house-sirens/lights and all!!)
Yes, I'll upload pics of the new curtains my mom made for my ROMANTIC bedroom!! Boy are they nice!!
But first, I must inform you that as of Monday afternoon Colton has been passy/binky/nuk/whatever you call it FREE!! The last two days were heavenly...Colton chatted it up ALL DAY! He only asked twice for it and I told him "Nope, you're a big boy you don't need that!" No questions asked he went on his way!! He obeyed, followed directions, ate his veggies-what more could you ask for!!

Apparently, he was saving it up for today!! This morning he went to day care while I completed my employee orientation at the hospital I'll be working at. (Right now I feel the need to explain to you why he's going to day care and I'm not being a stay at home mom-but I won't bore you with that story-let me just say I'm only working part time=2 days a week, only 8 hour shifts, not required to work weekends or holidays, and I get to pick the days I want to work-all for EXCELLENT money-enough said) So, I figured Colton could use a couple of days in day care a week especially since he is such a social child and unfortunately it ain't cutting it to be home with mom everyday all care gives him 2 days a week to be around other kids and learn shapes and numbers and colors and all that stuff that's difficult to do at home with just mom!

Now that I've explained myself...

He played at day care, cried as soon as I came to pick him up (guess he was glad to see me), headed home, played outside for a little while and then it happened...

We attempted to go down for a nap-again without passy-and after attempting to put him down for just over an hour and a half, let's just say Colton didn't take a nap

LET THE FUSSY CHILD STAND UP PLEASE!!! (Colton is standing up!)
He did okay as long as we were outside but apparently while trying to lay down for a nap he lost all sense of what the word "OBEY" means. He would not listen to a word, whined constantly, drove mom crazy, etc.
We were both glad when daddy got home to deal with him
7 pm came-bath time
7:30 came-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse time
8:00-bedtime with DADDY!!!!!!!!!! Yay for a break for mommy!!!
Love the sound of a child asleep after a long hard day-even better when he went down WITHOUT the passy!!!
Hopefully mommy and daddy can stay strong and not give in to the almighty passy!!

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