Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kudos to Hollywood-Finally!!

Let me be the first to say that I LOVE going to the long as there is a good one on! (Which we all know can be difficult to find) Over the last couple of years you realize the pattern in each movie-guy/girl meet, fall in love, get married, have (shall we say) relations, of which you and I are provided almost every detail (not that we needed to be given the details as we could pretty much figure out what was going to happen anyways), over time things get tough and either guy or girl cheats and the relationship is over...I guess the same could be said for the real life relationships Hollywood constantly finds the need to inform us of. All around us we are faced with the idea (whether in a relationship or not) that when the going gets tough-don't deal with it. Sweep it under the rug and maybe it will not come back to bite you later! How sad to live by this idea! We wonder why our society is the way that it is, the divorce rate is 50% and more, and there are more shootings/crime than ever before! Perhaps we should take into account the movies, shows, music we watch and allow our children to watch!
Now that I've gotten down from my soap box I should explain why I titled this "Kudos to Hollywood-Finally!) Last night Nate and I had our babysitter come over to watch Colton while we went and watched a movie! We were so excited! We had not been to the movies since Thanksgiving and before that it was May! We decided to watch Marley and Me even though we heard it was sad at the end. Marley and Me stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Anyways, they get married and Owen Wilson decides to get a puppy to ward off any evil spirits of Jennifer possibly wanting to start a family anytime soon. They get a Labrador who, lets just say, would have only lasted about 2 seconds in my house due to his wild, crazy, couch eating, leg humping, whatever other crazy antics he pulled. Throughout the movie you grow to love this wild dog and actually fall in love with him (and if I fell in love with him you know he must have turned into a decent dog). Of course a couple years into the dog Jen and Owen have their first baby, and then they have another one about two or three years later. Jennifer decides to stay home with the kids and quit her job. During a particular scene in the movie you wonder if Hollywood was attempting to encourage a little birth control to the young couples watching who have not had the opportunity to experience the joys of parenthood! Jennifer has not had a shower, the dog is on his worst behavior, the youngest child has colic, the older child is being a normal 3 year old (and by normal I do NOT mean that sweet innocent child sitting in his chair with his hands folded saying "mom, is there something I can do to make your life better?"). Owen comes home only to say the wrong thing and he and Jen start to argue. It was quite believable-they did an excellent job of portraying just how hectic it can get sometimes and just how bad if affects you and your family. I thought for a minute Hollywood had come to my house and secretly videotaped one of our "moments" and then took it back to the set and said, "okay, here's what we want." (As a sidenote, these "moments" are few and far between at our house) Anyways, Owen talks to his buddy about how he's not happy with work, his life is crazy, he's fighting with Jen, and the kids just add a whole nother item to the equation. His friend's advice is to move on. Just be done with that life and move right along. Owen Wilson comes back with, "No, man, you don't end it-you mend it." Oh my gosh! Did that just come out of his mouth...let's hear it again "No man you don't end it you mend it." How great!! I wanted to stand up, clap and give him 3 cheers!!! What a wonderful response! And I thought Hollywood had thrown all of its morals out the window! And it turns out, not only did Owen make that response but he sticks with it and chooses to work it out!! The ending is sad, however I will not ruin it for those of you who have not seen it, but the ending monologue by Owen is perfect! He talks about the true love a dog gives to each person in a family, how their love is unconditional, and how you don't find many people in your life who will love you and stand by you through all the bad the movie ends the camera shows Owen looking back into the house at Jennifer as she plays with their kids letting us know of the sentiment he has with Jennifer, his wife. It was truly a great ending! It gave me warm fuzzies inside when I thought of the love my hubby has for me and I for him. One will never find a better relationship than the one they have with their spouse! For Hollywood to bring that story to life was incredible. I related to this movie in many ways! It was a great movie and I would watch it again-although I would have to bring a box of tissues with me! Congratulations to Hollywood for finally bringing us a story that we should all pay attention to!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!

Sorry it has been a while! We are slowly getting boxes unpacked and our house situated! We've officially been in our house a little over a week and it's finally starting to look like a home! I'll post pictures soon! We've just gotten our internet working (very long story as to why it's taken so long) but now that it's up and we've found the camera I'll try and take some pics of the new house! Tonight we are leaving Colton with some friends of ours parents and going to a "Tastefully Simple" party with Nate's co-workers! I'm sure if it involves new recipes and cooking stuff I will love it! I'll let you know how that goes! Anyways, some friends of ours parents are watching Colton at our house! We went over on Wed so Colton could meet them! They have several grandchildren around Colton's age so he did really well with them! Gotta love it when they get down in the floor and play with them! I'm sure they'll have a blast! Our entire basement is Colton's playroom so I'm sure they'll have no trouble keeping busy! They'll sleep good tonight!
Well, have to get ready for the party!