Thursday, February 12, 2009

C-man's 2nd birthday

Colton's 2nd birthday was celebrated a couple of days early so that we could have some family present! His cousin, Brayden, came to visit as well! They had such a blast playing in the basement (which is Colton's playroom). He had a firetruck cake and even had a visit from our local fire department!! No, we didn't burn the house down...Nate asked them to stop by if they had a chance. Colton was so excited!! They came around the corner with lights and siren!! Nate took him up into the truck and at first Colton didn't like it but once he got used to it he walked all around and looked at the hoses and all!! I've included some of the pics-hope you enjoy!!

I had to include a few bathroom pics at the end of Colton and Brayden just because they're so darn cute!!

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