Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today was our playdate with Cooper and his mommy...not sure if it was better for Colton or mommy since we have been cooped up in the house for several days thanks to the beautiful Indiana weather! It was a balmy 19, yes 19 degrees! We had about 1/2 inch of snow on the ground and a lovely 1/2 inch sheet of ice on top of that! We drove an hour to see Cooper and his mom ( however by this point in the week mommy would have driven 3 hours in order to be out of the house). The boys played well together, as well as 2 almost 2 year olds can play. They both have learned how to communicate using the words "mine" and "no" very well!! However, it gave Heidi and I both an opportunity to teach them how to share...unfortunately they didn't pick it up on the first try so there will be plenty of opportunities in the future to discuss what the term "share" actually means. At one point Cooper grabbed a toy from Colton and Colton yells, "Share, Share." I guess he hasn't quite figured out that sharing works both ways!! Oh well :(

We attempted to put both boys down for a nap. Cooper went down immediately, Colton not so fact, he didn't go to sleep until the ride home :) which was fabulous! So he played and watched Barney (thanks to Colton's Barney fascination mommy has a vast array of songs in her head that she never seems to remember how to sing until in public when she can be most embarrassed for singing "Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun please shine down on me!") Right now after typing that line I would gladly step outside in the now single digit temperatures to sing the ENTIRE song and pray that Mr. Sun actually heard me!
Back to reality, so while watching Barney Heidi assisted me in starting my own blog...which you are now reading! It's in the very early stages. My ignorance in technology and the internet may start to show through as it will probably take me a year to get it like I want it. However, I'm sure those of you reading it are not really paying attention to what color the background is and are more worried about my writings, right? Anyways, I'll work on it and hopefully I can bring all of you just as much entertainment in the day as Colton brings me!!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you sing the Barney songs & point out the best parts of the show, just in case I missed them. HA. Thanks guys for coming all that way to hang out with us. We enjoyed it so much and I will have to ship some fudge to you in DC. (actual pieces, not the crap off the sides.)