Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Colton's firsts!

So yes, this is my 3rd blog in one day but being new at this thing I think it's okay :)
While at Cooper's house today Colton was watching Barney and they started to sing "The Bear went over the mountain." Colton (while sitting in a bar stool) starts to dance and sing HIS version of "The Bear Went Over the Mountain." The only words I understood was bear and mountain but he was actually trying to sing a tune (wasn't on key yet but we're going to work on that)! Then part of the song goes, "to see what he could see" and at the same time you put your hand up by your eye like you're blocking the sun from your face. Neither Heidi nor I were paying attention and when I looked down (in that same sweet off tune voice) Colton is doing the motions and again, all I understood was "see". It was SO cute!! He's never done that before unless he and I were singing the song together and doing the motions. Then when we got home Barney was on (I know by now you think Barney lives at our house 24/7-we really don't watch that much TV I promise!!) and they were singing "The Wheels on the Bus" and Colton's walking around singing "bus round round" and doing his arms around in circles!! How precious! And all this time I didn't think he was even paying attention to me when we sang the song together 800 times in one day!! It was so cute-I'm actually going to charge the video camera so I can get this on tape. Maybe by the time that happens I'll have figured out how to post a video!!
Just wanted to share my cutie pie's firsts with all of you!

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  1. He was so adorable. I loved him jamming on the little play piano keys and dancing. He's a riot!